• Like water snakes, cottonmouths are always found close to a water source.Read More
  • Smaller and younger cottonmouths has a peculiar preference for small lizards!Read More
  • Cottonmouth snakes have broad flat heads and elongated pupils.Read More
  • Its eggs hatches inside the females body so that they give live birth.Read More
  • Cottonmouths hibernate for several months in so called hibernacula
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  • When hunting, they start by injecting venom into their prey, let it go, and then they hunt it down.
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  • Cottonmouth venom is good at preventing blood clotting allowing its prey to bleed.
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  • The Latin name of cottonmouth snakes (Agkistrodon piscivorus) means fish eater.
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  • The cottonmouth mouth has a white coloration inside. This is why its name is cotton mouth.Read More

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Cottonmouth snake pictures

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

Below are pictures of the various types of water moccasin snakes. If you want to know more about the ecology of the water moccasin please visit the home page. The final pictures are three pictures of Northern water snakes that are often mistaken with water moccasins.

Western Cottonmouth - Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma

Cottonmouth snakes forage by ambushing, actively searching for, and hunting their prey. These snakes commonly eat dead animals as a source of nourishment.A picture of a western cottonmouth snake is coming soon.

Florida Cottonmouth Snake - Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti

Northern water snake - Nerodia sipedon

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