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  • Like water snakes, cottonmouths are always found close to a water source.Read More
  • Smaller and younger cottonmouths has a peculiar preference for small lizards!Read More
  • Cottonmouth snakes have broad flat heads and elongated pupils.Read More
  • Its eggs hatches inside the females body so that they give live birth.Read More
  • Cottonmouths hibernate for several months in so called hibernacula
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  • When hunting, they start by injecting venom into their prey, let it go, and then they hunt it down.
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  • Cottonmouth venom is good at preventing blood clotting allowing its prey to bleed.
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  • The Latin name of cottonmouth snakes (Agkistrodon piscivorus) means fish eater.
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  • The cottonmouth mouth has a white coloration inside. This is why its name is cotton mouth.Read More
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Cottonmouth snake videos

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

Snap Jaw, Gaper - Cottonmouth

The world's only aquatic pit-vipers has a lot of names and a bad reputation. This video explains how Cottonmouths bite once, let go, and then tracks its prey down. Sometimes, they wait for a pond to dry so they can get easy access to fish that cannot get away. Unlike many common snakes such as racers and Rat snakes, Cottonmouth snakes will hold their ground when threatened. The video also explains why paved roads are attractors to Cottonmouths and Coppeheads. It simply is good basking spots for the snakes.

Cottonmouth in HD

The Latin name of Cottonmouth - Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma already tells that this snake is white inside its mouth. It is the leucostoma name that does that. The video is shot in Texas where Cottonmouths are common. Look at the facial stripes behind its eyes. That is very characteristic for Cottonmouths. Another characteristic is that their entire bdoy is high in the water when they are swimming. The circle at the bottom of its mouth is a breathing tube so it can breathe while swallowing. Heat seaking pits are just below the eyes.

Catching salamanders

While checking his Salamander trap this guy stumbles upon a Cottonmouth that he eventually traps. From this guys experience they are aggressive to begin with but calms down after a while

Cottonmouth - from Alabama

The Cottonmouth opens its mouth as soon as the guy stands up or get closer. It's easy to see its triangular shaped head in this video. Some of the myths associated with the snake is that they chase people, which is of course not true. They actually rattle with their snake a little bit and it makes a silent rattle. As he mentions, do not corner it.

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